Dynamixel set de démarrage Agrandir

Dynamixel set de démarrage

Nous recommandons ce set pour tout utilisateur souhaitant relier pour la première fois un servomoteur Dynamixel à son PC.

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 Le set contient :

    - U2D2                                  (902-0132-000)

    - U2D2 Power Hub board     (902-0145-001)

    - SMPS 12V 5A AC Adapter (903-0124-200)

With the DYNAMIXEL Starter Set, users can : 

- Connect and configure DYNAMIXELs using ROBOTIS software
- Provide power and communication to connected DYNAMIXELs

- Operate DYNAMIXELs using ROBOTIS programming libraries/resources
(ROS, C/C++/C#, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Python, Java)

- Test and program DYNAMIXEL firmware features
- Update and Recover DYNAMIXEL firmware
- Perform Self-Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

- Control DYNAMIXEL directly from a USB port on any computer/SBC (including Raspberry Pi)

U2D2 is a compact USB communication converter that enables users to control and operate DYNAMIXEL with a computer.

It is smaller than the previous model and has mount holes to make it easier to install on robots. It uses a micro-B USB cable to connect to the user`s computer and prevents damage of the USB terminals. It has both 3-pin connectors for TTL communication and 4-pin connectors for RS-485 communication to allow universal compatibility with any model of DYNAMIXEL.
U2D2 supports direct connections to/from UART as well. To connect DYNAMIXEL models using Molex connectors, ROBOTIS offers "convertible" cables with one Molex and one JST connector compatible with U2D2.

U2D2 Power Hub Board combines with the U2D2 to supply a variety of external power sources to DYNAMIXEL units. 
The board is capable of supplying power to all models of DYNAMIXEL using the SMPS port, terminal block, and 2-pin power connector. The board has holes to attach the U2D2 module and it can be attached using plastic rivets supplied in the package. It provides a power switch for a convenient method to turn power ON/OFF.

SMPS 12V 5A AC Adapter is a wall plug adapter which can be combined with U2D2 Power Hub Board to provide 12V power to connected devices. 
The SMPS 12V 5A AC Adapter is recommended for use with all 12V DYANMIXELs.

Package Components
U2D2 1
U2D2 Power Hub Board 1
SMPS 12V 5A AC Adapter 1
USB Micro-B Cable 1
ROBOT Cable-X3P 100mm 1
ROBOT Cable-X4P 100mm 1
ROBOT Cable-X3P 180mm(Convertible) 1
ROBOT Cable-X4P 180mm(Convertible) 1
Nut M3 4
Support M3x10x6 4
Plastic Rivets(for U2D2 attachment) 4
H/W Specifications
U2D2 Dimension(mm) 48 x 18 x 14.6
U2D2 Weight(g) 9
U2D2 Available Parts

3 Pin TTL Level : TTL Communication supported DYNAMIXEL

4 Pin RS-485 : RS-485 Communication supported DYNAMIXEL

4 Pin UART: Controllers that support 4 Pin UART(such as CM-150 and CM-200)

U2D2 Baud Rate 9600 - 6Mbps
Power Hub Board Dimension(mm) 48 x 57
Power Hub Board Operating Voltage 7.4 - 24.0V
Power Hub Board Max Current 10.0 A
SMPS AC Adapter Input: 100-260V AC 50-60 Hz ; Output: 12.0V
Compatible Products

All DYNAMIXEL smart actuators are compatible with the DYNAMIXEL Starter Set.

To connect a DYNAMIXEL to the Starter Set, you will need one of the cables included in the package with your DYNAMIXEL.

Assembly Guide

When using the terminal block, please pay attention to the polarity when using external power.

*Various pins are exposed behind the board. We recommend users to assemble and use the included supports with the board.


Left side is - and Right side is +

Pour toute question nous contacter : contact@robotis.fr 


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Dynamixel set de démarrage

Dynamixel set de démarrage

Nous recommandons ce set pour tout utilisateur souhaitant relier pour la première fois un servomoteur Dynamixel à son PC.

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